What are video and associated formats

  • Each Representative has 3000.00MB of video allocation on server.
  • The files will be checked for wrong types. The wrong ones will be marked as errors.
  • Currently we can encode to FLV all major types of movie files: AVI, DV, FLV., MOV, MPEG, RA, WMV.
  • Unless you upload directly a valid .flv Flash movie that will be in the Converted queue directly
  • Using MyVideoEncoder Desktop Application (download here) is highly recommended for uploading files (and required for files bigger than 100 MB)

The importance of passwords for your videos

There are total of five (5) sets of passwords in your account.
  1. Your backoffice
  2. Your Global Support
  3. Your Studio
  4. Your Webmeeting
  5. Your Webcasting
  • Given at the time of your sign-up
  • Given after you requested activation via email
  • Given after you requested activation via global support (packages 3,4 and 5)
One password is permitted to all video packages ... however, it is advisable that you should have separate sets of password for all the video package (3,4 & 5) and for your back office as a safety precaution.

example :

where "password" is your common password for all with added four (4) letter word to categorize them.

This provide you the convenience of allowing your closest friends to upload videos without compromising your back office or global support services.


Creating templates for video mail

  • First you must design a banner with a size of 8 inches by 1.2 inches
  • You can use microsoft powerpoint to make your banner.
  • Once your banner and poster image is ready, login to www.myvideotalkstudio.com using your Rep ID, your password and PIN code you received in your email
  • On the Menu panel located on left the webpage, click "My Video Designer - Launch". (See menu panel online).
  • Key-in your Rep ID and password (PIN Code is not needed this time)
  • Click Template and follows instruction from online manual

Creating videomail

  • Make your videos ready (From your PC, mobile, Camera or youtube.com
  • Click the "My Files" Tab located on the upper menu
  • Choose and click "Upload Movie"
  • Click "Browse" on the main panel and locate your videos
  • Click "start download"
  • Do not exit browser or change webpage while downloading
  • A prompt always appear during the uploading process, just click "OK"
  • Once uploading is finished, fill up the required filled [Title] [Description] [Group Name] ... (Private is optional ... mainly used for videomails)
  • Browse down and click "Update"
  • Your uploaded video will be queued for conversion to FLV
  • Once your video file is in the "ready-to-use" status
  • Follow the instruction from online manual

Sending videomail

  • On the Video Designer Panel, choose the video you want to send
  • Click Send
  • Type in the "email address"
  • Write "Subject" details
  • Choose your "Template"
  • and write your "message"
  • Click "Send Mail"

Designing your Web Channel

  • Next choose a background if you want an image in your channel background otherwise you can make it blank.
  • Once your banner and background image is ready, login to www.myvideotalkstudio.com using your Rep ID, your password and PIN code you received in your email
  • On the Menu panel located on left the webpage, click "templates". (See menu panel online)
  • On the Template Main Panel; upload your banner and background image, respectively.
  • Choose colors on each category boxes as you like.
  • Once finished ... Click "Save Settings"
  • Go down on the Template Main Panel, Fill up the columns on
[ Homepage text]
[Contact text]
  • Once finished ... Click "Save Settings" ... then click "Preview Homepage" to see your finished Web Channel.
  • Change colors setting if desired and save your modified settings.

Uploading Videos to your web channel

.... see instructions on creating video mail above or go to online manual

Viewing your web channel

on any internet browser, type-in "your rep ID" and [.myvideotalkstudio.com] then click "go" or press "enter" on your keyboard

(example : 123456.myvideotalkstudio.com)

Setting-up web conferencing

Using Web conferencing functions

Setting-up web broadcaster

Using Web broadcaster functions

Utilizing web e-learning

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