The Proven Way

What must you do?

  • First you must see our product line and compensation plan by contacting our representative or see it online with the link indicated at the bottom
  • Get a Representative's ID

How to get a Representative's ID

  1. Ask the representative ID of the person who invited you and write it in a piece of paper
  2. If you were handed with a business card, the ID number is usually written on it
  3. Click the Contact Form below so we can call you back.
  4. If this website were sent to you via email, reply back through your email for us to contact you
  5. If you are signing up on your own without any representative you may use the ID featured below


Note :
This featured Representative ID on left is replaced by another ID after completing its two sponsored representative

  • Fill-up the application from our representative or download it online, do not fill the "password" box.
  • Click the "Sign-up Now" link at the bottom of this page and use the representative ID you want(on 1, 2 ,3, 4 or 5) and follow instruction
  • Subscribe to our package by purchasing through our representative or using a Credit Card online

Using Credit Card

  1. If you use other person's credit card, you also need the passport copy of that person
  2. If you use your own credit card, make a photocopy of it as well
(please cover the 3 or 4 digit number on the back of the credit card before copying)
Note : This email changes depending on what is the featured Representative ID above
  • If you prefer to purchase online make sure you copy the online transaction receipt into a text file (important)
  • Prepare your Passport copy and online transaction receipt.
  • After all documents are prepared send it to the email below
  • You will be given unique user ID and password

To maximize your earning you have two ways to do it

  1. You may invite two persons to visit our product presentation in any of our presentation center
  2. or share this website via email to your friends and explain how to avail our products online.

How to control your earning

  • Once a person purchase a product from you or through you, an email will be sent to you for confirmation.
  • Login to your account and immediately set your placement on your profile from "left" to "right". (important)
  • Login to the email you used when applying to our concept, you will receive the documents from the next person who purchase a product from you or through you(important)
  • Send the received documents to this email : (important) Click Here for the email
  • Wait for two days and check you graphical genealogy to see if the one who purchase a product from you or through you is now in your graphical genealogy.
  • Wait for a week to see your income (usually every Saturday)
  • Once income has been reflected in your account, use our global support system to apply for the Global Cash Card.
  • Once you received your debit card, you can now withdraw your income via any ATM machine ... worlwide
  • Always keep in touch with the person who purchased from you or through you; guide, assist and tend to all inquiries
  • Coordinate with the person whom you purchased this product for technical and operational advise
  • Check your account every week to check for income.

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